I haven’t used much trigonometry lately, and I also haven’t had to have any important in-depth conversations on symbolism in “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”.  So I guess I was right to ask my teachers, “When are we going to need this in real life?”

According to a new survey, 83% of parents think schools should spend some time teaching important life skills to go along with all the standard academic stuff.  And here are the 10 life skills we wish we’d learned in school . . .

  1. How to save money.
  2. How to budget and organize your finances.
  3. How to invest.
  4. How to take care of your mental health.
  5. How taxes work.
  6. How to be confident.
  7. How to cook basic meals.
  8. How to start a business.
  9. How to buy a house.
  10. How to create a resume