It seems like everyone’s got AirPods, Spotify, and an Amazon Echo now.  But even with all those options, the #1 way we listen to music is the way you’re doing it right now.

A new survey found RADIO is still the top way Americans listen to music.  Specifically, the radio in your CAR.  And it’s #1 globally as well.

93% listen to radio everyweek Only 33% said they’ve listened to music through a streaming service they pay for, like Spotify . . . just 29% have listened to a CD in the past six months . . . 27% have listened to music they bought and downloaded . . . 26% have listened on sites like YouTube . . . and 11% of us have listened to music on vinyl.

Our car is just one of the places we still listen to the radio.  27% of us have also streamed AM or FM radio over the Internet in the past six months, and 10% have listened to music on a portable radio.

5% of Americans . . . or 1 in 20 people . . . said they haven’t listened to ANY music in at least six months. – I’m going to assume we don’t want to know those people.