Prince’s band “The Revolution” will be playing in Detroit Lakes Thursday, St. Cloud Friday and in Red Wing on Saturday.

Matt Fink one of the original members of the band said they joined forces with Prince back in the late 1970s. Fink said Prince, “Was a very fun, loving, gregarious individual who would even like to play some practical jokes sometimes — but was very enjoyable to be around.”

The Revolution’s final recording on a Prince album was in 1987. However, Fink said they started talking with Prince about reuniting shortly before his overdose death.

Fink said, “I think he would be supportive of the Revolution at this point because he was already beginning to talk about reuniting with us late in 2014. I personally had a conversation with him about it.”

Following Saturday’s show in Red Wing “The Revolution” heads out on a national tour including stops in New York City, Boston, and Providence.