It’s hard to keep the holiday spirit up when so many things about winter SUCK.  A new survey asked people to name the top things they hate about winter.  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  The days are too short.

2.  Not enough sunshine.

3.  Scraping ice off your windshield.

4.  Your heating bills go up.

5.  It seems like you always feel too cold.

6.  Waking up in the dark, and coming home in the dark.

7.  Dry skin and chapped lips.

8.  Having to do all your chores inside.  Like not being able to hang clothes out to dry.

9.  Falling, slipping, and sliding on ice.

10.  When you have to get out of your warm bed in the morning.

Here are a few more that just missed the top ten:  Getting out of the shower when it’s cold . . . waiting for your car to warm up . . . wearing multiple layers . . . cold, wet feet . . . and too much Christmas music.