• Looked to me that we all did an amazing job of social distancing again this weekend, mix that with the hope we are almost out of this stay at home order.
  • Nostalgia is hitting hard, remember when we use to do things.
  • I rode 37 miles on my bicycle this weekend, it got me thinking… It must have been really hard for the creator of bicycles to convince people that it is possible for almost anyone to ride it.
  • And Before bicycles, what was remembering how to do something, as easy as…
  • We Minnesotans love when things are created here, we take a lot of pride for that stuff… Proven this weekend when I  finished a documentary called “The Food That Built America”. Did you know the Mars company started in Minneapolis? I was so happy to share that, you’d think I started the company.
  • Yard work is really satisfying when completed, but is it ever really complete?

That’s Things I’ve Noticed this week.

Stunt Monkey