Today is the first day of winter… but we haven’t seen snow since mid-October. So what does it even mean? I do know, it will take forever for it to be lighter longer.

Family Christmas over the weekend – things at my mom and dad’s house I don’t get… their toilet has a lid that closes on it’s on… really really slow! Am I allowed to push that down? How does this work? Can we not close lids on our own?

“Since there are 3,600 seconds in an hour, and most people make less than $36.00/hr, their time is worth less than a penny per second. It’s literally worth your time to pick up a penny from the ground.”

Spending the weekend with my niece made me realize I’m closer to being a toddler than an adult than I thought. Endless energy, encouraged by snacks and little adventures. But then out of nowhere, I crash.

We really haven’t had to shovel much snow since October, now that it’s Winter will we be ready. We’re going to drive like idiots.