Not many details are being released, but the Mankato Department of Public Safety is investigating a threats complaint connected to Prairie Winds Middle School that was made just after 9:30 Tuesday night.

“There was a student that heard some information about an assault that would be taking place,” said Commander Dan Schisel, who added that the investigation is in its early stages and, “Our school resource officers are in the process of trying to track down the information, check the validity of it, and work with the school district on what this student was reporting.”

In the days since the shooting that killed 17 and injured a further 14 at a school in Florida, police across the country have been busy with a flood of copycat threats – and Schisel said, “In our environment today, we just have to take everything seriously.”

At least five people nationwide, most teenage students have been arrested states that include Florida, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Texas.