Have you heard about the “He’s a 10” game that’s been trending online?

It’s a game you play with friends where you say, “He’s a 10” or “She’s a 10” then name a BAD thing about them.  And the other person has to say how low their rating drops because of it.

For example, “He’s a 10 but wears shoes in the pool”  so now he’s a four.  Or you can do it in reverse.  Like, “He’s a five but always lets YOU choose the next show.”  So now he’s an eight.

It’s supposed to be silly, not about real people.  And the best ones are oddly specific.  Like, “He’s a 10, but he only goes up and down stairs on all fours.”

Here are a few more good ones we saw:  “He’s a 10 but has a picture of himself as his screensaver”, “She’s a 10, but she claps when the plane lands”, “He’s a 10, but he’s never flossed” and “They’re a 10, but they put the milk in before their cereal.”  (Here are lots more.)

It got started when a mildly popular TikTok’er posted a video a few weeks ago.  Then other people did, and it’s been the #1 TikTok trend this week.


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SOURCE: NBC News / The Tab