Saint Peter will give Tobacco 21 another try Tuesday night after the ordinance change failed in April.

One of the main reasons the issue tied on a 3-3 vote the first time around was that council member Susan Carlin was not present at the meeting, but has indicated that she is in favor of increasing the purchasing age from 18 to 21.

Following the vote, Councilmen Jeff Brand and John Kvamme submitted a written request to place the issue back on the council agenda. 

Brand said at the time that he’s looking forward to helping the youth of Minnesota.

“I hope that that continues as well. All of those people that were there, their on the front lines. They’re the pediatricians, the folks that are doing county health and things like that. They’re gonna continue to do their work and I’m gonna continue to do mine as well.”

Due to State regulations, a 30-day written notice was required to give notice to tobacco license holders before the proposed changes would be readdressed.

If Tobacco 21 passes, the new regulation would go into effect on August 1.