Residents in southwestern Minnesota are stacking sandbags and bracing for more rain after torrential downpours washed out roads and flooded basements.

Lyon, Redwood and Murray counties are dealing with headaches after an estimated 8 to 10 inches of rain fell overnight in some places. As the rain stopped Tuesday morning, many homeowners were dealing with flooded basements and other storm damage.

In Marshall, Mayor Bob Byrnes is asking people to limit water usage and said, “Really, what we’re looking for, if you can put off washing clothes or things like that that use water, that would just help us out at our wastewater plant.”

Renville County Sheriff Scott Hable said the water just hasn’t got anywhere to go, “With the amount of rain and the fact that it came so quickly, the ground is already saturated and so the ground didn’t accept much of that new water at all, so it seems like it was all on top.”

A teenager escaped injury after driving his car into a washout Tuesday north of Redwood Falls. Hable said, “The culvert that was under the road had washed away, or the water had washed out the road around the culvert, and there was an entrenchment there that was probably 12 feet deep at least, and unfortunately his car was nose-first into that trench.”

Hable explained that the teen was able to escape by crawling out the back door of the car.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging drivers to stay off flooded roads because, according to MnDOT’s Judy Jacobs, “Vehicles can be swept away in only a few inches of moving water.”

Jacobs has advice this Fourth of July for not only drivers in southwest Minnesota, but elsewhere across the state, “Go to to help plan your trip, because that’ll keep you away from the flooded areas and will also keep you away from areas of road construction.”

National Weather Service forecasts possible thunderstorms in the area through Thursday.