The Mankato Department of Public Safety says a Mankato man was arrested after dragging two security guards with his car Sunday evening.

Commander Dan Schisel said 21-year-old Kier Dak had been told previously that he was not allowed on the grounds of Briargate Apartments, and when confronted by security Dak got into a vehicle in the parking lot.

Schisel said the guards tried to keep him from driving away, “And at that point they were dragged just a little bit and they let go. The individual then fled eastward through Briargate. Vehicle then went into a snow bank and the male suspect then fled on foot.”

But after the recent snowfall, Schisel says Dak was pretty easy to follow to an address where he was staying, “Officers were able to track through his footprints to a house in the 800 block of Eastport..”

Dak was arrested without further incident. Schisel said they have asked the Blue Earth County Prosecutor’s office to approve two assault charges, one of hit and run, and trespassing.

The security guards suffered bumps and bruises but did not require medical treatment.