Mankato Police continue to investigate a weekend weapons incident that unfolded at an apartment complex on Pohl Road.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel.

Commander Dan Schisel said police were called to an apartment after disturbing incident shortly before midnight Saturday. “One of the apartments there noticed someone knocking on his door,” he explained, “He looked outside the peephole and noticed a couple of individuals and one of the male individuals was holding what appeared to be a weapon.”

The man didn’t open the door, and when officers arrived they learned that the people may have gone into another apartment in the building.

They went into that apartment while other officers set up a perimeter outside and Schisel said, “Officers noticed an individual that was attempting to get out from a third floor window. A screen then came out and an individual jumped from that third floor window down to the ground.”

He was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but Schisel said he didn’t appear to be injured. The man didn’t why he jumped, but there was a drinking party taking place in the apartment.

Schisel said officers then searched the apartment, “And recovered two weapons.”

The handguns did not belong to the residents of the apartment, and were tentatively traced to 19-year-old’s Ahmed Ali and Olivia Comeau Thompson. Schisel said, “The weapons were collected , they’ll be sent in and some testes will be run to determine who had possession of those. The case is still an ongoing investigation for us.”

Ali and Thompson are facing a preliminary charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.