A traffic stop on Monks Avenue at around 11:30 Friday night led to a foot chase, two arrests, and a list of charges against two men.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel Driver Amnabear Nyigwo of Mankato was questioned after the officer, “Smelled an odor of marijuana while he was talking with the driver. At that point a second car gets there and while they were conducting their investigation the driver of the vehicle then fled on foot.”

He only got about one-tenth of a mile before an officer caught up with him at Campus View Apartments and was brought back to the scene of the traffic stop, where Schisel says a search of the vehicle turned up drugs and, “Marijuana and cocaine were the two possible drugs that were seized.”

Driver Nyigwo of Mankato is facing preliminary charges of running from police, driving after his license was revoked, driving without insurance, and several drug charges.

Passenger Garret Eggersdorfer of North Mankato is facing various narcotics charges.