A 37-year-old Amboy father is facing charges after an employee of his child’s preschool contacted Blue Earth County Human Services after picking up his four-year-old child in November and noting that the home smelled or marijuana and cat urine and both parents appeared to be high.

The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department says the home was littered with half-eaten food, alcohol containers, dirty diapers, and other clutter. Investigators add the both of the children’s bedroom doors were fitted with hook-and-eye locks and the windows were screwed shut.

Meth and marijuana pipes and prescriptions that were not written to either Dylan Crow or his wife Leticia – including liquid oxycodone — were also found in the home, and a criminal complaint shows that in a test, Dylan Crow was positive for THC, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and opiates and Leticia Crow’s on-site urinalysis was positive for opiates.

Officials say the children were placed on a 72-hour health-and welfare hold due to the conditions of the home, chemical use by the parents, and general neglect.