Two men are facing credit card fraud and receiving stolen property charges, after Mankato Police say they used a stolen credit card at a downtown hotel.

23-year-old Nasir Abdalla

The credit card and other possessions had been stolen from the victim’s vehicle in Eden Prairie.

Police learned that 18-year-old Abdi Isaak of Shakopee used his own driver’s license when checking into the hotel, and hotel staff alerted police when he and 23-year-old Nasir Abdalla retuned to the room they rented with the stolen card.

In a search after they were arrested, police say they found the victim’s driver license, his Triple-A card, and a business credit card; they also found a business check made out to the victim, and the debit cards of two other people.

A third man was detained and police say he had a a bank card belonging to the victim in his pocket, but claimed Issak gave it to him because he owed him gas money. His possible involvement remains under investigation.

The criminal complaint shows there were several outstanding warrants for Abdalla’s arrest from multiple agencies.