The Verizon Call Center in Mankato is closing.

Verizon spokeswoman Meagan Dorsch says that they are transitioning the current customer service model to a home based one – meaning customer support workers will work from their homes rather than a corporate building.

Dorsch says the company will provide employees with the necessary tools and training to work from home, as well as a stipend of $65 per month for internet access. She has not yet responded to an inquiry about whether slower internet speeds in the more rural areas of the region may impact the ability to work from home, nor the company’s requirements for internet quality.

She adds that working from home isn’t for everyone, and eligible employees that would rather move to a new location and continue to work in one of the company’s call centers will have an opportunity to do so.

Verizon is offering what Dorsch says is a “generous” severance package that includes help finding a new job.

The changes will have no impact on customers, and Dorsch says they will contact customer support by phone using the same numbers they always have.

The Mankato Call Center will close by the end of September 2018. Verizon is also closing six other call centers.