It’s an election year and candidates in all types of races are spending time at the State Fair to make connections with potential voters.

G.O.P. candidate for U.S. Senate Karin Housley says it’s actually more fun to visit the fair during a campaign, “Because you have a reason to go up to people, instead of just sitting on the benches and people watching. I get to like get up from the bench and go and introduce myself and tell them who I am and I get to hear more about them.”

DFL Congressman has served as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 1st congressional district since 2007. He’s running in the 2018 governor’s race.

Democratic candidate for governor Tim Walz agrees it’s a different experience and, “You listen a lot more. I’m not sure if you’re going to eat more or not, I hope that we’re too busy to do a lot of eating, but we’ll try some.”

Walz says the fair is a great place to hear from people about what they want the government to do for them.