Police are searching for a homeless man mistakenly released from the Blue Earth County Jail, who is facing preliminary charges of drug possession in a public housing zone, credit card fraud, and receiving stolen property.

The criminal complaint shows that a store clerk became suspicious of 52-year-old Steven Drahos when he became agitated while purchasing several different gift cards using a credit card, and started yelling at the cashier – calling names and telling the attendant to hurry up with the transaction.

Investigators say Drahos finished the purchase and left, crossing the street to a gas station, where he purchased another gift card.

Drahos claimed in an interview that the credit card belonged to a friend and he had permission to use it, but the victim told police that was not true.

He was arrested, and when searched officers found stolen prescription medications in his pocket.

Court documents show that he was mistakenly released from jail and a warrant has been requested for his arrest.