2020 has been quite the year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many industries have faced troubling uncertainty and strife. One industry that has faced tough times is the music industry. With such, artists have had to get creative when trying to perform for their fans. Additionally, the award shows that we have always taken for granted have also needed to think outside the box to provide fans and artists with the shows they wait all year for. One artist that has taken full advantage of the new performing arrangements is Justin Bieber. The pop sensation has been making the rounds and performing anywhere he can. From SNL to the CMAs, and now the AMAs, Justin has made sure to keep busy and his fans entertained during these stressful times. In Bieber’s most recent performance at the AMAs, the  “Intentions” singer opened up the show with a medley of his songs “Lonely” and “Holy.”

After finishing his first two songs, the singer brought fellow Canadian star Shawn Mendes on stage to sing their new collaboration, “Monster.” In the song, the two sing of how it feels to grow up in the public eye and how brutal the gaze can really be. Mendes explained that “It’s about how society can put celebrities up on a pedestal and watch them fall and it seems to be this entertainment thing.” (Source: People) The singer continued on to state that the song actually brought the two stars together. Their shared experiences of being in the industry at a young age is something that few can understand. With such, creating and singing the new hit helped bond the stars over their struggles. Hopefully, the new friendship provides both of the artists with a much-needed companion in the industry (and maybe a few more stunning performances for fans as well).

Check out the performance below!