It’s been almost four long years since Rihanna has released an album. Her fans, who call themselves her Navy, have been begging the star for new music ever since. Rihanna’s last album, released late January of 2016, called Anti,  broke several records and helped Rihanna earn the most-streamed female artist of 2016.

Rihanna didn’t just fall off the face of the earth after her release of Anti, ‘Bad Gal RiRi’ has been busy working on projects that don’t involve music. Rihanna has entered into the fashion industry by creating her own brand, FENTY, named after her last name. Not only does she have a luxury clothing line and sportswear line, the “Diamonds” singer also has started her own lingerie line. Rihanna’s lingerie line, called SAVAGE x FENTY, has broke barriers in the fashion industry. Her fashion show has been doing better than the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, who announced this year that they will no longer be doing an annual show.

Could the success of Rihanna’s lingerie line fashion show be part of the reason Victoria’s Secret is canceling their famous fashion show? We don’t have a positive answer for that, but we do know that Rihanna’s lingerie line is far more inclusive than any of her other competitors’.

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Photo by: Liam Mendes

Rihanna has made a name for herself in the world of fashion and has also made lots of money from her new successful lines. Rihanna truly has lived up to her “Fashion Killa” title, but she has left her Navy wondering if they’ll ever get new music from their favorite artist.

Earlier this year, rumors spread that Rihanna will be releasing an album before the year is over. As January approaches quickly, her fanbase is beginning to worry. Her Navy is questioning if they will actually get this new Rihanna album before 2019 is over.

Recently, Rihanna released a book of photos and selfies called Rihanna. Some fans took to Twitter to express their worry. Is this “photo album” is the “album” Rihanna had promised them?

With one more month left to go of 2019, do you think we will be getting a new Rihanna album?


-Intern Megan