A woman knew she was going to stir up some family drama when she went to rescue a dog and found out it had the same name as her mother-in-law. Thankfully a Co-worker of the women went to the popular website/discussion board, Reddit to explain that the woman had wanted a dog since she’s known her. ” She wanted to rescue instead of going to a breeder” the woman wrote via Reddit.

On a later date, the friend texted the woman “I’ve really done it this time. I’ve ended up with a sweet four-year-old crossbreed called Tracey,” the text read.  ” My mother-in-law is also called Tracey.”

The next Monday came and the Co-worker couldn’t wait to ask how the two Tracey’s meeting went.

“She said she was really angry and her husband wasn’t all that pleased but isn’t too bothered about it,” she explained. “Her mother-in-law wants to change the dogs name but she doesn’t want to because she has had that name for four years.” She goes on to say, “she did say she will call her (the dog) something similar to Tracey like a nickname… Tray Tray or something, as no one calls her mother-in-law Tray Tray,” she added.