Xcel Energy submitted a route permit application last week with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission as it continues to push on with the Huntley-Wilmarth transmission line project.

Around 22-thousand landowners and local officials will receive a letter this week updating them on where the project stands. The mailing includes four possible route options, according to spokesman Tim Carlsgaard. 

“These route possibilities are just what we are providing to the state, which we are a good way to get from point a to point b, but the state, there’s a whole other process, where they will actually determine what the final route will be.”

While the route of the project has been a topic of discussion in the metro, Carlsgaard notes that they submitted four routes due to state law no longer allowing designated preferred routes.

“If we did not include a route to the west or if we did not include a route down the center, you know, that shortest route from a to b, there’s a good possibility from our experience that the state will.”

On January 17, Officials filed the Certificate of Need Application and sent out a similar letter to residents in December.

The State regulation process is expected to take another year, but Officials plan to have the 345-kilovolt line constructed by 2021.

For more information on the project, visit http://www.huntleywilmarth.com/.