Hundreds remain without power in the KTOE listening area Friday afternoon after severe storms swept through on Thursday and a major portion of the outage is in Waterville where over 2-thousand customers are impacted.

Xcel Energy Regional Vice President of Distribution Operations Kelly Bloch says crews have been working around the clock to restore power. 

“We have made some really good progress in the Mankato area, we expect to have everybody back in service in Mankato by this (Friday) evening. Waterville, we do not expect to have everyone restored in until later tomorrow (Saturday) evening.”

In Waterville, crews are in the process of rebuilding some of the infrastructure before service is restored.

“Again, that damage there is very extensive. Lots of trees down, we have lots of broken poles. There’s some cleanup that we’ve gotta do just so we have access to the line.”

Energy Officials also remind residents to contact an electrician if the electrical connection to your home has been damaged.

“It’s important that you call an electrician to get that repaired because that does need to be fixed before we can restore service.”

Bloch adds that they are still assessing the cost of damages.