It’s summer and, for some, that means rolling the windows down, blasting music, and having a joyride (even though the gas prices say otherwise).

If this is something you enjoy to do, I hope you don’t live in Florida because they just passed a new law where you can get a ticket for playing your music too loud.

With this law, it allows police offices to dish out tickets to drivers whose music is can be heard “plainly audible” from 25ft away. This violation would categorized as a non-criminal traffic infraction. As for the ticket, you can pay up to $114. Yikes!

However, there are some exemptions.

“The provisions of this section do not apply to motor vehicles used for business or political purposes,” the law states. It also says, “the provisions for this section do not apply to the noise made by a horn or other warning device required.” This means the people of Florida are free to beep their days away and especially if there is a slow driver in front of them.

-Intern Asma