Some might believe that the world is moving closer to Black Mirror everyday. Why? Well, Alexa’s new feature proves just that.

On June 22, at the re:MARS conference, Amazon revealed its new Alexa technology. The Alexa will soon be able to mimic a dead relative’s voice with just less than one minute of recorded audio. The new feature is intended to exert “human-like empathy.”

“While AI can’t eliminate the pain of loss, it can definitely make the memories last,” was said by senior vice president of Amazon’s Alexa AI and head scientist Rohit Prasad.

With this new feature there were mixed reactions from the internet. Some are making fun of it or don’t know how to feel about it, while others think that the use of this new feature would cause more harm than good.

One Youtuber commented, “do people really even want this technology to exist? Just because it could doesn’t mean it should.”

A user on Twitter wrote, “this can be used so wrong, imagine someone manipulating conversations that sound just like you.”

Overall, this new technology is quite interesting to say the least.

-Intern Asma