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[WATCH] Justin Bieber Performs ‘Lonely’ and ‘Holy’ at 2020 American Music Awards

By |2020-11-23T11:08:41-06:00November 23rd, 2020|

2020 has been quite the year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many industries have faced troubling uncertainty and strife. One industry that has faced tough times is the music industry. With such, artists have had to get creative when trying to perform for their fans. Additionally, the award shows that we have always taken for granted have also needed to think outside the box to provide fans and artists with the shows they wait all year for. One artist that has taken full advantage of the new performing arrangements is Justin Bieber. The pop sensation has been making the rounds and [...]

Normani Talks of Journey to Rebuild Her Confidence Following Fifth Harmony Split

By |2020-11-18T10:10:55-06:00November 18th, 2020|

Normani Hamilton has already taken the music industry by storm despite the fact that she has yet to release a debut album. The former Fifth Harmony member has made a name for herself with her song "Motivation" and features on "Dancing With A Stranger" and "Love Lies." With hits like these, Normani has made it clear that she is ready to take on a solo career. She has also displayed her exceptional dance skills in the "WAP" music video as well as her 2019 VMA performance of "Motivation." With all of this talent and success, it would be easy to jump [...]

[WATCH] Why Don’t We Bring the House Down with ‘Fallin’ Performance on Ellen

By |2020-11-16T13:40:31-06:00November 16th, 2020|

After taking a nine-month break to write and produce, Why Don't We have begun their comeback with the release of their newest single, "Fallin' (Adrenaline)." The up-and-coming band performed their new song on The Ellen Degeneres Show last week and it has surely left an impression on many viewers.  The performance was electric with a light-up stage and backdrop to pump up the excitement. Additionally, their performance highlighted the musical talents of each of the members. All five of the artists played an instrument while they sung instead of the classic boy-band choreography we have gotten so used to seeing. The [...]

[LISTEN] Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks Team Up for ‘Midnight Sky’ and ‘Edge of Seventeen’ Mashup

By |2020-11-11T14:12:29-06:00November 11th, 2020|

Pop sensation Miley Cyrus and music icon Stevie Nicks have teamed up to create the ultimate "Midnight Sky" remix! The new song is a combination of both "Midnight Sky" and Stevie's classic 1982 hit, "Edge of Seventeen." Cyrus and Nicks have fittingly titled the new hit "Edge of Midnight." Lately, Cyrus has provided fans with a plethora of rock vocals. Her new sound has been praised by many and has lead to mass excitement for her soon-to-be-released album, Plastic Hearts. The vocals of Miley and Stevie seamlessly accompany each other with their similar raspy tones and depth. Cyrus is not new to the [...]

[WATCH] Doja Cat Performs New Rock Version of ‘Say So’ at 2020 EMAs

By |2020-11-09T13:25:17-06:00November 9th, 2020|

Doja Cat made waves with her most recent performance of  "Say So." The up-and-coming artist sang her chart-topping hit on Sunday, November 8th, at the 2020 MTV European Music Awards. Recently, Doja Cat has been taking award shows by storm, frequently performing "Say So" as well as other hits of hers like "Juicy" and "Like That." However, the pop star put a new spin on her hit by performing a rock version of it. "Say So" is typically a light, almost bubble-gum pop/rap song so the performance was far from its original state. Fans have seemingly taken to the new version [...]

LISTEN: The Jonas Brothers Bring on the Nostalgia in New Christmas Song

By |2020-11-04T12:16:34-06:00November 4th, 2020|

The holiday season is a time for families to come together and create life-long memories. With such, what musical trio is better suited to make a song for such a family-centric time of the year than the Jonas Brothers? The band has released a new song titled "I Need You Christmas" that is sure to give you all of the Christmas feels.  Prior to releasing the new song, the band noted that the song was made with the hope that it could bring comfort to its listeners during this time of heightened uncertainty. The former Disney Channel stars tweeted that, "For us this [...]

WATCH: Sam Smith is Back with Their Third Studio Album and New Music Video

By |2020-11-02T11:54:21-06:00November 2nd, 2020|

After three years of waiting, Sam Smith has finally released their third studio album! Avid music fans may have noticed that Smith released singles off the new album much earlier than most would. The abnormal timing stemmed from a delay in the album's release. Originally, the album was going to be released back in May. Additionally, the project was going to be titled To Die For, the title of one of the singles released back in February. Sam explained in an interview with NPR that "obviously, because of what's happened over the last six months, it felt a little bit desensitive calling [...]

WATCH: Harry Styles Runs Through Italy in New ‘Golden’ Music Video

By |2020-10-28T11:39:49-05:00October 28th, 2020|

Harry Styles has officially released "Golden" as his fifth single off of his hit 2019 album Fine Line. In addition to making the song available to the radio on Monday, the former One Direction member also released a music video to boost the track's popularity. The video was directed by frequent Styles collaborators Ben and Gabe Turner and is already garnering mass success. In the video, Styles provides plenty for fans to fawn over for weeks to come. Styles is shown running through the Italian Amalfi Coast, swimming in a secluded water hole, and driving along the Italian mountainside. Fans are sure [...]

WATCH: Ariana Shows What a Grande Presidency Would Look Like in Video for New Song ‘Positions’

By |2020-10-26T10:02:17-05:00October 26th, 2020|

Ariana Grande sure seems to have been busy over quarantine! Grande has returned to the spotlight with a new music video, song, and album all being released within a week of each other. Well, at least that would be a lot for most artists. The pop sensation is releasing her third studio album in three years, a timeline rarely seen in the music industry. The new project, titled Positions, is set to be released on October 30th. The album's tracklist includes 14 new songs with features from Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd, and Doja Cat. In Ariana's new video for Positions, [...]

WATCH: Miley Cyrus Wows Fans and Receives Praise from The Cranberries for ‘Zombie’ Cover

By |2020-10-21T11:48:49-05:00October 21st, 2020|

Miley Cyrus has become notorious for her covers. The "Midnight Sky" singer is not new to the art of singing classics with her 2012 cover of "Jolene" garnering over 277 million views. Lately, however, Miley has ramped up her cover-singing game and took the internet by storm with her "Heart of Glass" cover. Fans and critics alike have been impressed with Miley's singing abilities and noted how great she sounds singing rock music. Cyrus has seemingly taken note and has continued on her rock-cover trend by singing both "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure and "Zombie" by The Cranberries last Saturday, [...]

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