The deposition of the former marriage counselor of JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD was shared in court yesterday.  She said she witnessed mutual abuse between them, but that Amber would initiate fights with Johnny and even hit him if he tried to leave.


AMY SCHUMER says she got death threats for her gag at the Oscars where she mistook KIRSTEN DUNST for a seat filler . . . even though Kirsten was in on it.


KIM KARDASHIAN is being accused of photoshopping PETE DAVIDSON’s nose and jawline in her latest post.  But a source said the photo was not altered, that it’s just the angle.


BILLIE EILISH and FINNEAS are going to be in a new “Simpsons” short called “When Billie Met Lisa”.  It comes out April 22nd on Disney+.


LIZZO dropped a new single called “About Damn Time”.  It’s off her upcoming album “Special”, which will be out July 15th.


Someone was shot Wednesday night at DABABY’s home in North Carolina.  They were apparently shot in the leg and are recovering at a nearby hospital.  It sounds like police believe this was a trespasser.  DaBaby was home at the time, but there’s no word if he was the shooter.


On “Wheel of Fortune” this week, Pat Sajak asked Vanna White if she’s ever watched opera “in the buff.”  It was a silly joke, but people are treating him like the next Harvey Weinstein.  Some even want him fired.


68% of people think an artist’s work can be separated from the artist.  Similarly, 58% said it’s wrong to cancel an artist’s work just because of the artist’s personal opinions.

In other words, if you’re a conservative, you can still enjoy Rage Against the Machine.  And if you’re a HUMAN, you can still enjoy “The Cosby Show”.

You know, like don’t cancel “Harry Potter” just because you might disagree with J.K. ROWLING.


CARDI B posted some pics her new baby boy.  She also revealed his name:  Wave Set Cephus.


There’s a rumor going around that RIHANNA and A$AP ROCKY broke up because A$AP was cheating.