Pete Davidson‘s high-profile relationship with Kim Kardashian is paying off. The comedian is reportedly being considered to host this year’s Oscars. Spider-Man star Tom Holland is also reportedly being courted to host the Oscars, which airs March 27th on ABC.


MARK WAHLBERG is getting in with the tequila industry.


Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds will reunite for two Red Notice sequels. The spy comedy is Netflix’s most-watched movie of all time.


“Degrassi” reboot is coming to HBO Max next year.


“American Idol” is coming back on February 27th and they have something even better than a Golden Ticket:  A Platinum Ticket.  It allows the recipient to rest during Hollywood Week, and choose who they want to duet with.  Nine of these were handed out.


JOHNNY KNOXVILLE was asked by “Variety” to name his most painful injury.  He chose the time he BROKE HIS PENIS. It happened in 2007, when he tried to do a backflip on a motorcycle.  He ended up needing a catheter for THREE YEARS.  He said, quote, “The doctor said a couple centimeters down and it would’ve been out of commission. “But I’ve had two children since then, so it’s in great working order.  That’s too much information.”


LOGAN PAUL’s $3.5 million box of Pokemon cards ended up being fake.



The COACHELLA lineup is finally official: YEBILLIE EILISH, and HARRY STYLES are headlining.


KANYE WEST is being investigated for allegedly punching a guy outside a club called the SoHo Warehouse in L.A. early yesterday morning. There’s no word why he may have done it.


A new YouTube record has been set . . . the first video to hit 10 billion views is the 2016 music video for the “Baby Shark Dance”.  And now you may spend the next several hours trying to get it out of your head.