Everyone has a breaking point . . . even the nicest man in the world.  Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were being mobbed by fans, when one of them tripped Rita.  Tom freaked out and yelled, quote, “This is my wife.  Back the [eff] off!”  And everyone backed off.


A juror in the JOHNNY DEPP/AMBER HEARD trial spoke anonymously yesterday about how Amber’s crocodile tears, staring at the jury, and facial expressions weren’t believable.  He also said her story didn’t add up and the majority of the jury saw her as the aggressor.


If it weren’t for CHRIS HEMSWORTH’s first job repairing and cleaning breast pump machines, he might not be an actor.  The boredom from the job gave him time to think about how what he really wanted to do was act.


The makers of “Lightyear” say TIM ALLEN wasn’t replaced by CHRIS EVANS as Buzz because of his politics . . . but because his toy version of Buzz is “dumber” and “goofier”, so they brought in Chris to add, quote, “gravitas and that movie-star quality.”


When new episodes of “Beavis and Butthead” hit Paramount+ later this summer, they won’t just be making fun of music videos.  They’ll also comment on TikTok and YouTube clips.  Creator Mike Judge says, quote, “There’s just so much to watch.”


“Game of Thrones” sequel series about Jon Snow is in the works . . . and yes, KIT HARINGTON is attached to star in it.


“The Jennifer Hudson Show” will premiere on September 12th . . . which is Jennifer’s 41st birthday.


I don’t know why, but we’re still debating whether or not KIM KARDASHIAN damaged MARILYN MONROE’s dress when she wore it to the Met Gala. A list of other dresses KIM KARDASHIAN shouldn’t be allowed to wear includes Lady Gaga’s meat dress, Bjork’s swan dress, and that dress that’s either blue and black or white and gold.


BRITNEY SPEARS deleted her Instagram. Again.


Check out a preview of the upcoming collaboration between CHARLIE PUTH and JUNGKOOK from BTS.


Pre-save Left and Right (with Jungkook) !! Link in bio. (If we get 500,000 pre saves I’ll drop it on June 24.)

♬ original sound – Charlie Puth


Check out the trailer for MACHINE GUN KELLY’s Hulu documentary, “Life in Pink”.  A release date hasn’t been announced.


EMINEM shared his contribution to the “Elvis” soundtrack.  It’s called “The King and I”.