AMBER HEARD took the witness stand yesterday, and said that the first time JOHNNY DEPP hit her was when she laughed at his “Wino Forever” tattoo.  She also talked about the supposed body cavity search he gave her when he thought she was hiding his coke.


TMZ posted a picture of the weapon DAVE CHAPPELLE’s attacker was brandishing Tuesday night.  It was a fake gun with a knife blade sticking out of the barrel.  Also, this idiot is a wannabe rapper, and he released a song in 2020 that he even named after Dave.


JASON BATEMAN is rewatching “Ozark” from the beginning with his 15-year-old daughter. (AUDIO)


KIM CATTRALL says she decided to leave the “Sex and the City” franchise because they wanted to give her a storyline where she received unsolicited “wiener pics” from Miranda’s son.  She felt that didn’t offer her character any growth.


DR. PHIL has been sending OPRAH WINFREYa thank you letter every year for the past 26 years.  He’s grateful for her helping launch his career and wants to make sure it’s not forgotten.


RAY J says KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS JENNER were in on the release of Kim’s sex tape from the beginning.  He says he suggested it, Kim embraced the idea, and she got Kris to make the deal.

He says he couldn’t have leaked the tape because he never even had possession of it . . . Kim kept all their tapes.  And he’s fed up with being blamed for leaking it, because it has severely hampered his ability to make a living.


JESSICA SIMPSON’s daughter Maxwell and KIM KARDASHIAN’s daughter North are besties.  They even play on the same basketball team.


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 Inductees include: Pat Benatar . . . Duran Duran . . . Eminem . . . Eurythmics . . . Dolly Parton . . . Lionel Richie . . . Carly Simon . . . and Judas Priest.  The ceremony will be November 5th in Los Angeles.