ELIZABETH OLSEN doesn’t like when more “serious” filmmakers like MARTIN SCORSESE and FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA trash Marvel movies, because it takes away from the talented crew members who work on the films.


The “Dirty Dancing” sequel will be set in the ’90s, with JENNIFER GREY’s “Baby” returning to Kellerman’s.  PATRICK SWAYZE will have some kind of presence in the film, and talks are underway with his estate to make that happen.


A list of actors who quit or were fired over salary demands includes Terrence Howard and Hugo Weaving from the Marvel movies, Suzanne Somers from “Three’s Company”, and Jonah Hill from “The Batman”. JONAH HILL was in talks to play the Riddler in “The Batman”, but he wanted $10 million . . . twice what ROBERT PATTINSON was making to play Batman.  When negotiations broke down, PAUL DANO took the part.


Check out the trailer for the “Father of the Bride” remake with GLORIA ESTEFAN and ANDY GARCIA.  It hits HBO Max on June 16th.


Check out the first teaser for “Avatar: The Way of Water”.


Netflix will air a Bob Saget tribute on June 10th. John Stamos, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock and Jeff Ross are apart of the tribute.


ELON MUSK seems to think there’s a chance he may die under mysterious circumstances.  And if it does happen, he says Russia did it, because they think he’s aiding Ukraine.


One of ANDY WARHOL’s MARILYN MONROE silkscreens sold for $195 million at an auction.  This set a record for most expensive American art ever sold.


It turns out the same security company that worked the event where DAVE CHAPPELLE was attacked was also on duty during the Astroworld tragedy in Houston.  Not a great year for this company so far.


DOLLY PARTON and DOJA CAT are featured in the Taco Bell movie, “Mexican Pizza: The Musical”.  It’s a satire about the people who “fought” to bring the Mexican pizza back, and debuts May 26th on TikTok.



JACK HARLOW sought DUA LIPA’s approval before putting the song “Dua Lipa” on his new album, and she gave her blessing, even though she was, quote, “thrown off” by it.