Authorities believe BOB SAGET died of a heart attack or stroke.  He was found lying face-up on his hotel bed with his left arm across his chest.  There won’t be an official diagnosis until toxicology test results come back in 10 to 12 weeks.


“A Quiet Place” is getting a spinoff movie.


Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks are going to star in a new Beanie Baby movie called ”The Beanie Bubble”. The film is about the Beanie Baby craze and the extreme lengths people went to to get the dolls .


Emily in Paris, starring Lily Collins, has been renewed for two more seasons at Netflix. (Fun fact: she’s the daughter of Singer/Songwriter Phil Collins).


BEN AFFLECK says he’s done at least five movies that were bigger flops than “Gigli”.  And the movie actually led to better things for him, because it convinced him to start directing, which has become, quote, “the real love of my professional life.”


MILO VENTIMIGLIA got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right next to the one for his “This Is Us” co-star MANDY MOORE.


Jeremy Renner has taught girls how to put tampons in, and even learned Lamaze from his mom to help with the birth of his sister.  On Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, he said, quote, “I’m a badass dude because I was raised by badass women.”


This year’s Oscars will have a host for the first time since 2018.  It hasn’t been announced who it will be, but the ceremony is happening March 27th on ABC.


Not everybody liked the ending of “Dexter: The New Blood”, but a lot of people went along for the ride. Across its 10-week run, the show averaged 8 million viewers, making it Showtime’s biggest series ever.


STEVE HARVEY said he had to stop doing stand-up comedy, because cancel culture would ruin his television career.  Quote, “Political correctness has killed comedy . . . Every joke you tell now, it hurts somebody’s feelings.”


In a viral Instagram video, a woman claims she found a bag belonging to Nelly, which contained $300,000.  She says she returned it to him, and he gave her a reward . . . of only 100 bucks.  Nelly is denying it even happened.


POST MALONE’s last album was “Hollywood’s Bleeding” back in 2019.  He’s got one ready to go now . . . but he apparently doesn’t know when it’s coming out. His manager Dre London posted an Instagram message saying, quote, “Our sync and energy always on a Insane level!!  Album has been done!!  We Ready!!  But seems Republic Records and Universal isn’t.

“Posty fans no more need to press me anymore we did our part!!  Now it’s time for the label to get the business right before we drop BIG Album!  Hit them up!  We been ready like u are!  It’s Time!!!”