THE ROCK says that when he called VIN DIESEL out for his on-set behavior, everyone on the “Fast and Furious” crew reached out to thank him.  But he also admits he shouldn’t have done it publicly.

The Rock and Vin did have a meeting after everything blew up.  They didn’t make peace, they just agreed that they’re, quote, “philosophically two different people, and we approach the business of moviemaking in two very different ways.”

According to The Rock, HIS way is to consider everyone working on a film as, quote, “equal partners, with respect and with humility, and being respectful of the process and every other human being who is putting in just as much time, just as much hard work and sweat equity, if not more.”



An actor named Jamie Costa does a great Robin Williams impression.  Here he is doing various styles of Robin.  He just posted a video of himself in a dramatic scene as Robin, learning about John Belushi’s death.  And now the Internet thinks he should play Robin in a biopic.


BILL MURRAY was Marvel before Marvel was cool.  He was the voice of the Human Torch in a “Fantastic Four” radio drama that aired in 1975.  Also, there’s a rumor that he’ll be in the third “Ant-Man” movie.


A couple found Molly Shannon’s phone in the back of a cab, and she met up with them to retrieve it.


We found a phone in a taxi… you’ll never guess who it belonged to…. #nyc #kharma #snl #iphone #superstar

♬ original sound – Vincent Zurzolo


Mark Harmon has exited ”NCIS” after 18 seasons. He was written out of the show as the 19th season begins


SMASH MOUTH singer STEVE HARWELL is retiring after last weekend’s chaotic concert.  Steve said, quote, “I’ve tried so hard to power through my physical and mental health issues, and to play in front of you one last time, but I just wasn’t able to.”


DUA LIPA reposted a TikTok video of an 80-year-old grandpa being gifted tickets to her concert for his birthday and totally fangirling.  She said, quote, “O.M.G. this melts my heart!!!”