Demi Lovato has just released her latest music video for “Dancing With The Devil”. The song takes a deep dive into her near-fatal 2018 overdose. The video comes with a warning stating: “This video contains content depicting addiction, drug use, trauma and sexual abuse which may be triggering for some.”

The video depicts Lovato in a hospital room, hooked up to several different machines as doctors attempt to resuscitate the star. After her fall from six years of sobriety, it shows the slippery slope she went down along with the challenges that she faced that led up to her near death experience.
In a recent docuseries on YouTube, the star opened up about the whole experience. “I don’t think people realize how bad it actually was,” she said in the film. “I had three strokes, I had a heart attack, I suffered brain damage from the strokes, I can’t drive anymore, and I have blind spots in my vision. I also had pneumonia and multiple organ failure.”

Doctors told her she had “five to 10 minutes and had my assistant not come in, I wouldn’t be here today.”