A woman went on Facebook recently and said that her husband complained that she packed too much for trips . . . and she wanted to know what people thought was acceptable for seven days away.

She shared her own list, and she is heavy-handed . . . seven tops, seven t-shirts, seven pants, seven shorts, 10 socks, 14 underwear, five pajamas, three swimming suits, a shower towel, a swim towel, a beach towel, a coat, four hoodies, shoes, sandals, flip-flops, toiletries, and more . . . for EACH person.

She admitted she prepares for all kinds of weather . . . and she didn’t say where they were going.

Some people commented that there’s no need for so many pajamas and hoodies, while others said you could cut back on the pants and tops, especially if you were also tossing in a full supply of shorts and t-shirts.

But what about the underwear?  14 per person.  On one hand, you never want to run out . . . but 14 seems like a lot for seven days.