You’ve heard the debates about when it’s time to put up your Christmas decorations, and when it’s okay to start playing Christmas music. But this is something new.

According to a new survey, a startling number of people have already started watching holiday MOVIES.

One in three people say they’ve already watched a Christmas flick, and of those, 40% said they started watching in October. Which begs the question: When did the others start? 37% said September, 20% said August or earlier. (???)

80% of those who started early say they think they’ll need to find NEW holiday movies to watch this year.

For now, the holiday movies people love to revisit the most are: “Home Alone”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

And 64% of the respondents say they’re looking forward to the holidays more than ever this year . . . probably because the pandemic has put such a damper on things. That, or maybe people just want to skip to the end of 2020.