Someone looked at the sauce or condiment each state googles more than other states.  The people behind this say “salsa” would have made the cut, but they consider it a “dip,” not a “sauce.”  But “mustard” got snubbed.  Here’s what they found . .

  1. Ketchup, 24 states are obsessed.  Especially in the Midwest and Northeast.
  2. Barbecue sauce, five states:  And four of them border each other:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  The fifth state is Delaware.
  3. Tomato or spaghetti sauce, five states:  Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington.  (We assume that also includes marinara.)
  4. Four states are covering everything in gravy:  Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.
  5. Two states are forcing me to pronounce WORCESTERSHIRE sauce:  Arkansas and Nevada.  (It’s pronounced WUSS-tuh-shur . . . or . . . WUSS-tuh-sheer.)  And tartar sauce got two states:  Alaska and Montana.
  6. And eight condiments got one state each:  Cocktail sauce in Rhode Island . . . mayonnaise in Hawaii . . . vinaigrette in New Mexico . . . relish in Maine . . . Tabasco in Louisiana . . . Sriracha in Vermont . . . ranch dressing in South Dakota . . . and fry sauce in Utah, which is half ketchup, half mayo.