April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  And if hearing that just made you swerve into another lane, we apologize.  Because according to a new survey, the radio CAN be a distraction.

People were asked to name the thing that distracts them the MOST while driving.  Here are the five most common answers . . .

  1. Things you see happening outside the car.  It’s #1 because it includes everything from billboards to other people driving like idiots.  39% said things outside the car distract them the most.
  2. Passengers, 18% of the vote.  People under 45 said kids are the main culprit.  People over 45 were much more likely to complain about their spouse or significant other.  Especially when they backseat drive.
  3. Your phone, 18%.  The top five things we do with our phone behind the wheel are use GPS . . . take calls . . . make calls . . . check texts . . . and reply to texts.
  4. Trying to eat or drink something.  Just under 18% of the vote.
  5. The radio, or music playing, 6%.  But that includes looking down to change the station.  So just NEVER do that, and you should be fine.