After three years of waiting, Sam Smith has finally released their third studio album! Avid music fans may have noticed that Smith released singles off the new album much earlier than most would. The abnormal timing stemmed from a delay in the album’s release. Originally, the album was going to be released back in May. Additionally, the project was going to be titled To Die For, the title of one of the singles released back in February. Sam explained in an interview with NPR that “obviously, because of what’s happened over the last six months, it felt a little bit desensitive calling the album that.” (Source: NPR) Regardless of the setbacks and change of creative direction, the album has finally arrived and provides listeners with an array of beautiful songs. The album explores the all too familiar feelings that accompany a bad break up and depicts the singer’s most recent run-in with the experience.

In addition to the new 17-song album, Smith has also released a new music video for their song “Kids Again.” In the new video, Smith is shown reminiscing of old times and their former partner at the Brighton Palace Pier. They question if the person on their mind ever feels sad “because we’ll never be kids again” and sing of how hard it is to forget about the memories they share. Smith’s velvet vocals and the alluringly sad lyrics combine to make a song that is sure to be the soundtrack of many future breakups.

Check out the superstar’s newest music video for “Kids Again” below!